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Sabbiatrice Laser: Il prezzo ora è più accessibile

Senza nomeL'ultima novità Yachtgarage è una sabbiatrice laser con potenza 100 w (disponibile anche da 200w) capace di rimuovere ruggine, residui di oli, grasso ed altro da diversi tipi di superfici.

Le operazioni di pulizia avvengono senza la produzione di polveri o acque contaminate per cui questa nuova tecnica è la prima vera soluzione che salvaguardia l'ambiente. Il prezzo al momento è ancora elevato ma, come sempre accade con le nuove tecnologie, siamo certi di poter offrire questo meraviglioso prodotto a prezzi più accessibili entro pochi mesi.


Removal for rust,  Oil stain,grease,  Dirt.  Resin, Mold release,  Oil paint, Coating,  Weld residue,  Oxide, Production residue,etc.

Main feature

Laser cleaning is universally acknowledged as the most reliable and effective solution for all materials with features of non-contact, no grind and no heat effect.

Laser power from 50--500W for different laser cleaning application.

High efficient clean speed of 3m²40m²/h.

Accurate cleaning for exact position and precise size.

Widely applied in flat,curved and three-dimensional surface for work piece of elastic material and plastic with very small and deep holes.

Flexible operation for work pieces with complicated geometric construction can be realized by mechanized or hand-held laser cleaning head.

No maintenance and no consumables.

Dust-free,no chemicals,no pollution.

Non-contact cleaning and no damage for substrate.

Extremely low cleaning cost and High cleaning efficiency.

Working principle:

Impulse type Nd:

YACHTGARAGE laser cleaning relies on the optical pulse from high-intensive laser beam, which burns the contaminants above the substrate.

Physics principle

Laser beam energy is absorbed by the contaminants above the substrate.

The contaminant heats up that much, a plasma is created around the working area. This will cause evaporation. The contaminant is then removed.The base material stays cold,while the absorbing layer heats up,so there will be no damage to base material.

Laser cleaning can clean not only organic contaminantbut also inorganic substance,such as metal rust, metal particle,dust.

Laser cleaning in mould industry

Traditional cleaning for moulds includes: sandblast,ultrasonic and CO2. Super hot moulds must be cleaned after hours of cooling,which takes so much time. This will damage the accuracy of moulds,chemical solvent and noises will also cause problems for safety and environment.

Laser beam can be transferred through optical fiber,so it can clean the dead angles and other places that is difficult to clean,For rubber moulds, laser beam will not gasify it so that there will not be harmful gas.


Model LC00050 LC001 LC002
Laser power 50W 100W 200W
Machine weight 70KG 150KG 200KG
Laser gun weight 2.6KG 2.6KG 3.8KG
Working mode Manual or auto
Cable length 3 Mtrs (can be lengthened)
Work distance 150mm/250mm/350mm/500mm
Laser wavelength 1.064μm
Power supply 220V / 50Hz / 2A or 380V / 50Hz / 2A
Work temperature 5℃~45
Work humidity 90%
Laser class IV