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Yard's waterproofing : IP001

impermeabilizzazione piazzali 14Waterproofing of shipyard's yards made in Gravel:IP001

New waterproofing system for shipyard's yards made in terrain, gravel, aggregate or other material for the first rainwater collection.



Many shipyards are equipped with non-waterproof yards made of gravel, aggregate or simply in terrain. According to european environmental regulations, all the yards, in order to be used for yacht's maintenance, must have a waterproof flooring with grids and collecting tanks to treat rainwater and eliminate any risks of accidental spills of contaminants. The waterproofing of the yards was, up to date, achieved via the realization of an industrial concrete flooring. However, It was not always possible to obtain the needed permission to build the concrete flooring from the authorities. This situation was creating a short circuit between the need to adapt to environmental standards and the impossibility due to lack of permits.

YachtGarage has found the solution:

Starting from well-known products and technologies, Yachtgarage has managed to find a solution that solves the problem in a definitive and cost-effective way without having to obtain any permission from the authorities!

How it works:

A 1 mm HDPE sheet is laid on the ground. HDPE is a particularly durable material already used to isolate the soil in landfills. this material resists high pressures and temperatures, does not tear, is waterproof and can be welded to other sheets with a special welder. Last but not least, it is certified for this type of use. A stabilizer for gravel or aggregate is placed above the HDPE sheet. This stabilizer has the function of avoiding the sliding of the gravel on the HDPE sheet during rains and thus making flooring stable.

How to assembly:

HDPE sheets are supplied in rolls of 5.6X100m and are welded with a high temperature and pressure welder. The welding has the same mechanical characteristics of the material, allowing, at the end of assembly, the creation of a single large sheet with the size of the entire yard. The welder is also used to connect the HDPE to wells, grids, and pipes for sending the water to the collection tank. The material is very flexible and adapts perfectly to the shape of the soil, supporting any roughness or inclination. The welds made on site and during assembly are simple and fast to carry. The connections between the different stabilizers is made with hooks and accessories coming with the product.

The cost:

This waterproofing system is extremely cost effective since its cost is about 30% compared to that of an industrial flooring. The cost of HDPE, stabilizer and all accessories is only 10,00 € / m2 for surfaces up to 1000 m2. For surfaces ranging from 1001 to 4999 m2, the price drops to € 9.00 per m2 and for areas larger than 5000 m2 the price is € 8.00. The cost of an industrial floor varies from 26.00 to 35.00 € / m2.

No permissions for installing:

It is a mobile work, easily removable and without any connection to the ground so you can restore the status of the places in a simple and fast way.

The resistance:

Load resistance is high and corresponds to that of a normal gravel or aggregate flooring. In fact, the vertical force is borne by the gravel and not by the stabilizing structure that suits the pressure received.

Waterproof but draining:

The stabilizer structure (made with holes on all sides) ensures drainage of rainwater according to existing slopes while the HDPE sheet guarantees maximum waterproofness.


How it works:

More information about the process

Water Analisys before and after water treatment:

Before Treatment:analisi pre trattamento  After Treatment   :analisi post trattamento

Need a Project with Pricing? It’s Free!

Send us some pictures of your yard and at least one picture from google earth and you will get , completely free, all the needed information on how to make your green careenage area. In the 3D drawing we will design for you the grids, the wastewaters collecting tanks, the piping and the water treatment plant, while in the description we will give you the information regarding the needed flows and all the technical specifications. Give a look to some of our projects about this wastewater treatment Plant.