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Modular Shelters

yachtgarage capannone modulare 2Modular Shelter Description:

Evolution of the old model Mekkano, the new modular sheds KOMBO series are the first true modular structures that can be purchased in kit allowing the installation of structures with different shapes and sizes. Unlike the previous model, the new facilities are much more cheaper and safer.

The real novelty, compared to the previous model, consists in having also made modular reticular beams and connections to allow an optimal use of materials and hence a very high cost reduction. With this innovation, it is possible to assemble small sheds with a single-tube structure, medium sheds with a truss in two currents and big structures with a truss made with three currents.

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Shipyard’s Shelters

Need a Project with Pricing? It’s Free!

Send us some pictures of your yard and at least one picture from google earth and we will send , completely free, all the needed information of your Yachtgarage’s Shelter. In the 3D drawing we will design for you the structure, we will place it on the yard so that you can better understand the footprint and we will give you any detailed information and technical specification. Give a look to some of our projects about shelters.