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Telescopic Shelters

yachtgarage capannone su ruote 2Telescopic Shelters Description:

Telescopic Shelters are made in hot deep galvanized steel trusses (S355JR), bolts and nuts (AR808) and Fire retardant PVC fabric 950 gr/m2. Each section can slide into another to save space when the shelter is not in use. Feet is fixed on heavy duty 360° turning wheels. Yachtgarage’s Telescopic shelter are the only sliding that don’t need fixed rails on the ground.



The structures are very easy to move by hands or by fork lifts depending on the size. Any of the sections can be fixed to the ground with base plates and expansion screws if required by customer. The structure can be folded for around 50% of his lenght. The Main frames are made with 40x40x2,5mm or 60x60x3,5mm or 80x80x5mm pipes depending on the size and on the shape of the structure. Purlins are made in single pipe or in steel trusses with the same materials. Each frame has an aluminum profile for fixing the PVC fabric to allow an easy assembly also if the size of the shelter is very big. Telescopic Shelter are available with a widths range from 5 to 25 meters, with heights from 5 to 15 meters and without any limit in lenght. All our Wheeled Shelters are certified to resist to wind loads up to 25 m/s with gusts up to 35 m/s. The endwalls are made with the same material and are equipped with opening doors and pedestrian door following the customer’s demand.

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Shipyard’s Shelters

Need a Project with Pricing? It’s Free!

Send us some pictures of your yard and at least one picture from google earth and we will send , completely free, all the needed information of your Yachtgarage’s Shelter. In the 3D drawing we will design for you the structure, we will place it on the yard so that you can better understand the footprint and we will give you any detailed information and technical specification. Give a look to some of our projects about shelters.

Mobile Fabric Shelters Description:

Mobile Fabric Shelters made in hot deep galvanized steel trusses (S355JR), bolts and nuts (AR808) and Fire retardant PVC fabric 950 gr/m2. Feet are fixed on a kart with heavy duty 360° turning wheels without rails.