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Spray Booth Certification

parametri cabina verniciaturaOur spray booths are designed to meet all the parameters set by current regulations. With our plants it is possible to paint, sand blasting and polishing controlling the atmospheric emissions within the legal limits. T systems are equipped with CE and ATEX certification.

The proper functioning of a painting booth, however, is not only given by the value of the emissions into the atmosphere but also by evaluation of many parameters such as the air speed inside the cabin, the filtration rate, the number of cycles and the temperature. The design of a good paint booth must therefore start from the evaluation of the best  system to reduce the contaminants and must necessarily be followed by an assessment of all the other parameters described above. In the naval sector (considering the dimension of the boats) is particularly difficult to find the right solutions and you need to make several assumptions until you manage to find the right balance between the various parameters. The choice of the size of the shed, for example, is absolutely essential, because the structure must be as close as possible to the expectations of the customer but, in the meantime, must be of such dimensions as not to impair or negate the benefits of a good extraction system. Other extremely important values ​​are the dimensions of the boats that are going to enter in the structure and the amount of paint or solvents used during operations. To make this evaluation the more simple and intuitive as possible, yachtgarage has created a file where, by entering all the data within some cells it is possible to identify which is the best technical solution for the realization of a spray booth.
Download the file and set the values ​​required to get a first assessment of what are the characteristics of your spray booth!


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