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Shipyard's Wastewater Recycle Plant WR001

WR0012Shipyard's Wastewater Recycle Plant WR001 Description:

Shipyard's Wastewater Recycle Plant WR001 is the first water treatment plant for the reuse of all the waters of the shipyard including all the raining waters falling on the yard.


The system don’t need any underground installation. The system will automatically choose the proper water treatment if it comes to treat hull’s wash waters, first rain waters or simply rain waters.

How it works:

In the first picture (PIC1) it is possible to see a flow diagram of the plant.

During Rain : In the  (PIC2) all the waters, (hull’s wash waters, first rain waters and subsequential raining waters) are collected via a pump connected to the tube (A) and are sent to the sedimentation tank (B) where the solids will sediment on the lower part of the tank. When the water reaches the level (C) overflows into the tank (D) dedicated to the collection of the first rain waters and hull’s wash waters. The size of this section of the plant varies depending on the size of the square meters of the yard  in order to ensure the collection of the first 5 mm of rainwater as required by current european regulations. During the raining events, the  chemical-physical water treatment plant yachtgarage (I) is in OFF position. Therefore when the section (D) will be full,  the water level continues to rise up to the level (E) and overflows in the oil separator (F) (PIC3) . From here, the water is sent in the storage tank (G) dedicated to store the waters for reuse. In this way the system can work continuously, performing the separation of hull’s wash waters and first rain waters from all the subsequential rainwaters. The hull’s wash waters and the first rain waters will be stock waiting for the chemical physical water treatment process in the tank (D) while all the other rainwaters will be treated only by a sedimentation and oil separation process.  When the raining event is finished,  the physical chemical water treatment plant yachtgarage (I) is turned on (ON) (PIC4) and the water present in the tank (D) is treated and sent to storage tank (G) (PIC5). While the water treatment plant (I) is treating the waters in the tank (D) the water level in the tube (E) and in the sedimentation tank (B) drops back to the minimum level (C) . The water treatment plant (I) continues to treat all the waters until the tank (D) will be completely empty continuing to send treated waters into the storage tank (G). Any excess water can be dispose via  the overflow tube (L). 

During washing: The chemical physical water treatment plant yachtgarage (I) is in ON position (PIC5). the segments (B) and (F) are full and all th hull’s wash waters will be sent to the tank (D) and will be immediately treated by the plant (I). In this way the plant is ready for the next rain event


yachtgarage WR001 1


yachtgarage WR001 2


yachtgarage WR001 3


yachtgarage WR001 4


yachtgarage WR001 6

How the wastewater treatment plant works:

More information about the process

Water Analisys before and after water treatment:

Before Treatment:analisi pre trattamento  After Treatment   :analisi post trattamento

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