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Ecologic High Pressure Washer HPWT001

HPWT001 6

Ecologic High Pressure Washer HPWT001 Description:

HPWT001 is the world first ecologic high pressure washer with embedded water treatment plant. The system adopt a 240 bar high pressure pump with 30 m high pressure pipe and different nozzles.




The wastewaters after the cleaning process , are collected via a submerged pump and treated with two different water treatment processes. The first one is a chemical physical process and the second is a high pressure filtration process via two media filters with quartz sand and activated carbon filters. The treated waters are immediately reused for subsequent washing processes. The water treatment process convert the pollutants into sludge that can be easily disposed as hazardous waste. The wastewater treatment process is able to remove many contaminants like solids, suspended solids, oil, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, acids and more. The system is very compact as the size is only 950x950x1200 mm and his completely on wheels. The system can work in manual or fully automatic mode and enable the 100% of the reuse of the wastewaters. This is the first true ecological washing system as it avoids the consumption of water with great benefit for the environment and with great cost savings. The system can be use also when an industrial waterproof soil with grids and wastewater tank is unavailable as adopts some accessories studied to solve this problem. The wastewaters can be collected using some wheeled platforms with different sizes and specifications depending on the needed use.

The product is patent pending with number 102016000030035 

How it works:

More information about the process

Water Analisys before and after water treatment:

Before Treatment:analisi pre trattamento  After Treatment   :analisi post trattamento

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