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Careenage Water Treatment Plant WT001


Careenage Water Treatment WT001 Description:

The Careenage Water Treatment Plant WT001 is a fully automatic system enabling the treatment of the wastewaters coming for the careenage processes.



The plant has a flow of 500 liters per hour and is able to remove many different contaminant like: oil, hidrocarbons, solids, suspended solids, acid, heavy metals and more. The removed contaminants are transformed in muds that can be easily disposed when completely dryed. The system adopt a chemical physical process and a security media filter process with quartz sand and activated carbon.  The dimension are 2200x700x1600m, the power is generally 220V,50 Hz but it is possible to offer the product also with 110V. The system has CE certification. The system has been studied to treat also the stormwaters in yards with a maximum dimension of 4.500 m2.

How it works:

More information about the process

Water Analisys before and after water treatment:

Before Treatment:analisi pre trattamento  After Treatment   :analisi post trattamento

Need a Project with Pricing? It’s Free!

Send us some pictures of your yard and at least one picture from google earth and you will get , completely free, all the needed information on how to make your green careenage area. In the 3D drawing we will design for you the grids, the wastewaters collecting tanks, the piping and the water treatment plant, while in the description we will give you the information regarding the needed flows and all the technical specifications. Give a look to some of our projects about this wastewater treatment Plant.